Managing Behaviour

We support children to develop their social and emotional skills so that they can build relationships, grow and learn with ease.

Behaviour Management

We are in the process of updating or policies and practices of supporting children with coping with thier social and emotional development.

In general, we use a Problem Solving Approach where a problem arises. See below.

Check back soon for updated policy. If your child already attends and you have questions or concerns, please speak directly with the Teacher or Manager.


Problem Solving Approach



1.      Approach calmly, stopping any hurtful actions

2.      Acknowledge children’s feelings

3.      Gather information

4.      Restate the problem

5.      Ask for ideas for solutions and

6.      Choose a decision together

7.      Be prepared to give follow-up supports for Supporting Positive Behaviour

8.      Observe the child




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